Serial keys codes: October 2011
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Saints Row: The Third serial key

This month we are getting Saints Row: The Third for PC and consoles. While console players dont need any kind of serial code, we do. At installing the video game you will be asked for working serial key code, this time for singleplayer. The third part of the Saints Row series, cleverly subtitled from The Third, platforms coming later this year, they announced that THQ and developer Volition. Play us this time is placed directly in the center of events among the supreme criminal organizations.
Maybe the legit serial key will be asked for multiplayer, but we didnt hear for it. We assume the role of Third Saints, whose rise and reach celebrity status is not exactly liked competitor criminal fraternity The Syndicate. Based on these arguments begin to envy that cause a new war for power, and also the plot of the new Saints Row. It does not sound like something overly inspiring and intriguing, but again, we have already CD KEY accustomed to from this series do not expect a great scenario because it is already here in the background.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Batman Arkham City serial key

While the game is out on consoles, PC got a delay of weeks, and release date is coming, but we will be needing an serial key for the game to work singleplayer nicely, also DLC's will come in handy with the serial code. ,Batman: Arkham City received a release date! Rocksteady Studios has announced that the successful continuation of Arkham Asylum in the three planned platforms (X360, PS3, will arrive this fall, more accurately 21st October in the area of computers ​​Europe.Given that Arkham City contain only SP campaign, after the release you will be needing a legit serial key and installating will be done with the cd key we'll see more DLC packages that would, according to developers, should fill the void of the absent multiplayer. But if the new The Darkness 2 serial key Batman reaches the atmosphere of its predecessor will be for PC, we are confident that the gap will not be. In any case, we check in right now, after that it has been working .