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Friday, March 12, 2010

Crysis 2 amazaing new lighting and other materials

Crysis 2 has SHOCKED us againg.This time on console and it look pretty awesome.The video which im talking about is on gametrailers .And i can tell you that its impressive.But there is one trick,and that is that console will not have the graphics like Personal computer.This puts an smile on the owners of pc faces! Still im looking forward for this game,which will hopefully have better gameplay.Good luck crytek team and EA

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Battlefield bad company 2 TOP 3 on xfire

An croatian(hrvatski) portal,Game virtual that speaks about video games,published the news about Bad company 2 coming up in top 3 at xfire.BC2 did it,its the only game(ofc with wow)that beated ONE call of duty serial.I say congratz for DICE team and game develeps.I just hope that all of you guys got the game and playing it right now.

Some words from the site(i hope u understand croatian :D)

Ni manje ni vise bad company 2 je dosao u top 3 igre na xfu po minutama igranja.Vec 1 godinu,top 3 igre su bile Wow i dva call of dutya,modern warfare 1 i modern warfare 2 bi cesto znali mjenjati mijesta na 3 mijestu.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Metro 2033 is coming!

For all pc and xbox owners,the game will be released.Its the russian game that has the biggest potencial ever.The game is dark,with dark creatures and with dark caves :).But it still needs at least 1000$ PC to run the game with MAX. settings.Pretty strange,but dont blame anyone,buy new pc.Im looking forward to the game,and im also waiting for games like god of war 3 and others.Enjoy guys

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Assasin's creed 2 DRM is pretty uselles

New AC2's protection is failing already.Ubisoft's servers went down and the people who have bought the game were unable to play it!Too bad for them,because its pretty unfair to pay something that you cant play.I really hope that ubisoft stops with this kind of protection,instead of it they could do some support for PC community.

Portal 2 is coming?

Yes it is,no doubt about the that.After succes of portal,there is no suprise that part 2 is coming.Actually the game develepors are saying that portal was nothing else but an test game.So we should expect an double plesaure with portal 2.Also u will be in an lab at the beggining of the game,and some crazy doctor will put many traps as possible to make your way to exit harder and harder.Im personaly expecting an good game from this.Big hopes for this!

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Bioshock 2 thoughts

Bioshock 2 has left pretty big impact on me after playing it for an about an hour.Mostly because the big power of bigg dady,and the way i can splice up the splicers in this game.The games graphics arent the best,but it still defeats one of the newest games in hist art style.Gameplay that bioshock 2 offers is amazing,and by that i mean on the singleplayer,not on the multiplayer which is pretty new to this game.Gameplay is a lot faster than the first part,and it has some big and really good improvements from the first part.

Lets talk about som multiplayer in this game.Well the game pretty much doesnt needs multiplayer,but game develepors just wanted to use it in the game.Its pretty nice,but not something that will keep you playing the game for hours and hours like many call of duty games.

Overall the games is pretty much great,and surely one of the best games from the 2010.For FPS fans this is the n1 game this half of the year.I wouldnt rate this game,but if i would have to,i would give it an nine!