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Monday, February 13, 2012

Guild Wars 2 beta serial key

The year of the Dragon as the creators of this video game Guild Wars 2 call it, for which in BETA (open) is needed an serial key for MMORPG multiplayer gameplay.
and President of ArenaNet, Mike O'Brien, has delighted fans of MMO's today's blog post which was discovered a few important details about the upcoming Guild Wars 2 She recently completed closed beta testing games, and ArenaNet is planning to open soon begin testing: "

In February we invited selected journalists to participate in beta in March and April, we will aggressively increase the amount of beta test event, so many of you have opportunity to participate, "explained Mike. Blog post is finished the sentence that every fan will draw a smile on your face. While this  is open to new players also Guild Wars player will be on the top of the list, since knowing a few spells and champions is far more better to win at a it. Sure a  for this is HOT on the market now, so we hope you get it really soon, like now by downloading if from this site on the top.

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