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Monday, March 12, 2012

Prototype 2 serial key

From makers of Prototype, here now for PC comes Prototype 2, a full blooded sequel to an action 3rd person game for us to play on our computers, with working serial key which can be found on CD or downloaded from this website. Activision will not let us down with this peace of art to play on maximum setting, a shame since it's delayed for PC's until May.PC version of the Radical Entertainment's upcoming title, Prototype 2, was postponed for three months from the date of release on consoles. The owners of the PS3 or Xbox 360 console his rampage by games open city, it starts on PC but also on consoles will start 24th April, while the traditional PC gamers sad to wait until the 24th July Developer Studio has released this news via his Facebook, but offered no specific reason for the delay. Strange that they mention "extra polish" that we are already accustomed to hear.
They could, however, be a little more creative, so to say that the team leader for the PC version got some problems while developing  for us players, which need a working and legit to install the sequel, which makes up the whole story.


  1. gamerfromtheacrossStreet22May 1, 2012 at 3:07 PM

    works for me .. it's a good game , lot of action . love the leveling up

  2. fps lock 30 -.- but thanks


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